Designated Community Definition

Designated Community Definition #

The purpose of Scholars Portal’s preservation efforts is to ensure long term access to a critical mass of works that has intellectual significance and long-term value, and deliver this in an environment that allows for ease of searching, browsing, retrieval, and reuse. As a service provider, Scholars Portal’s primary user community consists of:

  • The 21 OCUL member institutions.
  • Scholars Portal’s non-OCUL member subscribers.

Secondary user communities include:

  • Students, faculty, staff, and other user groups from all OCUL member institutions.
  • Authorized user communities for non-OCUL subscriber institutions.

Tertiary user communities include:

  • Information producers, including publishers, both commercial and open access, as well as creators of data (including numeric and geospatial) preserved in Scholars Portal.
  • Members of the general public, both as incidental patrons of OCUL member institutions, and as parties accessing freely available content (including open access and out-of-copyright works) through Scholars Portal.

Approved #

May 11, 2011 by the OCUL Directors

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