Review Cycle for Documentation Policy

Review Cycle for Documentation Policy #

The policies surrounding the operations of Scholars Portal as a Trustworthy Digital Repository are subject to review and revision on two schedules: on an ongoing basis and a cycle of regular internal and external review.

Ongoing #

As outlined in its Mission Statement, one of the central responsibilities of Scholars Portal is the preservation of the content contained in the repository. To this end, SP staff are continually monitoring relevant communications channels and news sources in order to remain apprised of developments that could affect the long-term viability of the collection. Documents tagged for ongoing review are continuously updated to reflect changes and improvements to SP’s preservation workflows, practices, tools and infrastructure.

Regular Review #

The SP TDR’s preservation policies and procedures will be reviewed every two years in its entirety on an alternating internal and external basis. External reviews will be led by the SP staff member responsible for digital preservation in consultation with a representative sample of members of the Designated Community and experts in the field of digital preservation.

Review Cycle #